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Canvas Wraps Redefined

We developed this product for our commercial customers in 2017. We received such overwhelmingly positive feedback that we built the Labwrapz website to enable everyone to easily create their own artwork from any device.

Preferred to traditional canvas wraps, we print your photo directly on canvas embossed material then fold it to make a 3-demensional piece of art without using a traditional wooden frame. Click the Order now button below to get started.

When displayed on a wall, Labwrapz are virtually indistinguishable from traditional canvas wraps. The key differences between Labwrapz and canvas wraps are:

  • Labwrapz are so lightweight they can be hung using just a thumbtack
  • Labwrapz offer stunning colors that really pop
  • Labwrapz cost 50% less than canvas wraps
  • The depth for ALL Labwrapz is set to 1 1/2” -- this is considered a Deluxe option by canvas wrap makers

Get an instant on-line Estimate, Place an Order. or give us a call at 816-221-2434.

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