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The College Basketball Experience in Kansas City

Basketball player shooting ball into hoop wearing white uniform with blue text

If you haven't visited The College Basketball Experience in #kansascity lately, we highly recommend it. Not only is it amazing for #basketball fans, it's a big hit with fans of the printing and design industries, too.

They've recently updated some of their #exhibits. Sheryl Taylor-Hammontree designed and produced and installed their new #Playeroftheyear #windowgraphics and #LegendsLiveHere exhibit.

We took these pictures of the install progression for the Player of the Year. When you drive by the museum next to the T-Mobile Center, take a look at the #display from the outside.

When you #tour The College Basketball Experience, you 'll also see the #LegendsLiveHere exhibit we installed last week - designed by Sheryl and produced and installed by our Creative Team.


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