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Safety Shields - Face Shields, Sneeze Guards and Protective Dividers

Our protective gear includes face shields, desk shields, sneeze guards, hanging dividers and freestanding barriers as well as other custom solutions. Branded or plain, these items help protect against splashes and sprays. New workplace essentials for:

  • Schools
  • Restaurants
  • Warehouses
  • Production floors
  • Office spaces
  • Hospitals
  • Dentist offices
  • First responders
  • And more!

 Official State of Missouri Statewide Local PPE Manufacturers Supplier  (RFPC30034902101086)

Sneeze Guards

Available in standard or custom sizes, portable or fixed, with slots or without, branded or plain - we have your solution.

Available in standard or custom sizes, portable or fixed, with slots or without, branded or plain - we have your solution.

Select from

  • 44"w X 22"h
  • 44"w X 31"h
  • 44"w X 36"h
  • Optional slot size: 12"w X 3"h

U-Shaped 3 Piece Sneeze Guards

  • 22"w X 17.5"h  X 15"d 
  • 32"w X 23.5"h X 9"d
  • 32"w X 31.5"h X 9"d
  • 44"w X 31.5"h X 8"d

Optional slot size: 10"w X 3"h

Want a Custom Size? Request an Estimate

Protective Barriers

We design and build custom solutions for our customer's needs including fixed, suspended and standing protective barriers for every environment.

Create separation without isolation.

Hanging dividers create separation without isolation. These dividers are a fast and affordable way to add an element of protection without renovation. We can print on them directly, leave them clear or add a hint of fog for ambiance.

KC Face Shields

We use optically clear PETG for the shield. The PVC visor is lined with foam for comfort. Cord locks for the nylon rope make it easy to adjust for fit. The PETG shield is replaceable without replacing the entire unit.

We offer 2 different sizes.  Pricing for both is tiered based on volume. Click here for details.

Advantages of KC Face Shields:

  • made with durable PVC and optically clear .020 PETG
  • easy to sanitize throughout the day
  • comfortable for long term wear
  • secured with cord lock so there's no elastic to stretch
  • not considered a "disposable"; these units last
  • designed to avoid fogging
  • no minimum order quantity
  • orders ship in 2 days

Our standard size (LPDC-FS-PETG1) has a visor that extends 1.5” from the forehead when worn. These accommodate face masks including N95’s.

The XL (LPDC-FS-PETG-XL) extends 2.5” from the forehead when worn. These accommodate most headgear like dental loupes.

Desk Shields

Designed for schools, these optically clear desk shields fit most student desks. They offer protection from splashes and sprays while enabling communication in the new classroom. 

Size shown is 22" x 15" x 17.5". Custom sizes available.

Safety Shields Made in the USA - Sneeze Guards, Face Shields & More

Click the image below to download our latest brochure for Face Shields, Sneeze Guards and Protective Panels.

Face Shields, Sneeze Guards and Protective Panels

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